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[EU][RAID] Team Tropic Thunder recruiting ~ 2 open slots

Experienced team looking for fresh blood to fill our last remaining roster slots (2) for our static runs!

Looking for an experienced, friendly and all around pleasant team mate to join our chatty raid nights!! :)
[ teamspeak and discord are required (and a ok mic ) ]

Experience may vary with every individual, just pm me and we can discuss what you've done so far and/or what you would like to do in the future concerning raid runs.

Multi class is always a bonus,with current need of; Experienced DPS'ers with both condi and power classes

(having other classes for different roles available would give you the ability to switch with other team members)

Raiding Schedule;

Monday 8.30 pm- 10.30 pm [CEST]

Wednesday 8.30 pm- 10.30 pm [CEST]

Sunday 8.30 pm - 10.30 pm [CEST]

Sunday raid will be aimed towards certain challenges :) or could be skipped, according to votes from the team members #democracy

For more info & a quick chat pm me @Noro.9680 in game or using discord @Soup#9401

Enjoy your day!

(ps ; this is not a guild performing with x amount of people, but a team consisting of 10 regulars)