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Active in-game support?

I crashed when I completed the Personal Story quest Hearts and Minds and it started me back at the beginning. I do not want to waste another hour completing the quest I just did. Is there active GMs that can mark this is done so I can move on to the next part? I just bought the expansions and the lack of support is starting to make me regret it.


  • No, there aren't GMs that mark chapters/episodes/missions/quests as done. GMs in-game handle security/EULA-transgressions.
    You can submit a ticket to the CS Team for assistance via the 'Support' link above/below. Though, the Team would not mark something as 'done' due to a disconnection/crash.
    You can peruse the 'official' Disconnect Story thread for Dev posts and work-arounds (found in the 'Bugs' sub-forum).

    Good luck.

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