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Valentines day '19 - Adenium obesum - Canach & Rose

Uh, yea...I'm a few days late with this one. Had lots to do this week. > 3 >

This is of my Commander Rose and Canach!
The best way I can explain these two is "Ambient Lovers". They are the joksters in your friends group that smoke/gamble/drink, have a really kitten up home life, hang out with your group because they are 'bored' and not at all because they think your a neat person, Baka. They have trust issues because of that one time when everything went sideways or really hate the idea of falling inlove, because love will always hurt in the end. So they just sorta hang out together. You know, they know, everyone knows how they feel about each other but they never take it farther then witty jabs and buying each other frys at a burger joint.
Then there are the quite, intimate moments with silent tears. There's no need to say it aloud, they understand without words. So comes the self-deprecation for the others benefit, the jokes, the simple body contact and the others quite presence. I'm here, for as long as I can, I'll be right here. You don't have to smile for me.

Depicted here is a quite moment, Rose having broken down while they hide from the rain under a tree, Canach telling a few silly sapling storys to make her feel better.

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