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Druid/Soulbeast [NA] Looking for a raiding guild

Gern.2978Gern.2978 Member ✭✭
edited February 20, 2019 in Looking For Guild

I would like to get into raiding. I have next to no experience in them, but I am a longtime player (over 5 years) with extensive experience in Fractals and dungeons (not that dungeons are very relevant anymore). I would like to bring in my Druid/Soulbeast. Fully ascended gear for both heals and power DPS, whichever is needed for the occasion. I play on the North American Server, and am available for raids most nights.

send me a mail in-game with some info if you would like. That would be a better way to catch me. I don't check the forums very often.


  • Still looking for such a group. I'd rather find a dedicated group to do raids with than try to rely on pugs all the time.

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