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My warclaw suggestions.

Shadow Order.7258Shadow Order.7258 Member ✭✭✭

As a platinum something that roams and plays home defense a lot I'd like to throw in my suggestion for warclaw changes. I was skeptical and really critical when it was announced but have since changed my mind. To curb some issues with the mount while still making it fun I suggest the following.

Reduce health to something like 8k so a couple of autos can dismount a players. Leave three dodges in so we can still have some defense against some of the meme specs like boonbeast.

Remove stomp from number 1. Make it deal double or triple damage to downed targets. Maybe make it interrupt people ressing as well. If you are that close you should be dying anyway. This also allows downstate mechanics to still be a factor and makes it so if you are ressing someone and a kitty comes along you still have a chance to get them up. The stomp or even my suggestion have/would allowed smaller groups to actually take on larger ones as the larger ones can't just res their numbers up.

Speed to me is cool and I like that you go slower in enemy territory. That can suck though when you are stuck against the latest bandwagon and they own most things. To remedy this I think the outnumbered buff should make you go top speed in any territory. This can help get away from the map blobs and allow the weaker foe a little more mobility to try to outmaneuver kitten and encourage more people to play against bad odds.

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