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My Guild made some Beetle Races! [Video]

A couple months ago, my guild had a Beetle Racing Grand Prix. We raced around 8+ maps with unique courses designed by me and a couple fellow officers. Our limitations were based on squad markers and "fun" levels. We didn't want to force people into downloading extra UI add-ons like Taco, nor did we want to bother learning how to make resource packs. Surprisingly, 8 squad ui markers can be pretty good at telling people where to go!

  • Every drop had to have a way to recover
  • Maintaining or gaining speed had to be straightforward. Ideally, tricks wouldn't be required to win, though they could be used.
  • Courses had to be easy enough that you could understand them with just a single run-through on a raptor or similar.
  • Courses had to be tricky enough to stagger people out without it being so hard as to be impassible by people of varying skill levels.

In some cases (as in the Desolation track videos), multiple paths were possible with similar times. Shortcuts were occasionally found. I don't have the videos for every course we made, as I had some recording issues, but I'm able to show off 6 unique races that my guild thoroughly enjoyed!
Playlist here.
The videos are uncensored.

If you have any questions about how my guild set up our Grand Prix races or about a particular course, let me know! I know guild events can be pretty annoying to come up with sometimes. If you notice that a Video 1, 2, or 3 is missing in a set, it either had a large amount of lag in it or I forgot to record.