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[EU][PVE] friendly vet with slightly unsettling humor and unreliable playtimes looking for a home

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Hi everyone ! If you are reading this, it means the subject has not scared you off... and you clicked it ! Perhaps you might even be intrigued and pondering if you might know the right guild for me to call home.

I have been playing gw1 very casually but long term. Later when gw2 was released I was there from the beginning without ever really taking any major breaks. During that time I have been part of quite a few guilds, but pretty much never more than one at a time. So far I never left a guild because I disliked them, but because they died. If your roster consists of players that never represent it gets very lonely very quickly, and often results in a downward spiral of people logging in, realising they are alone, and representing something else. I guess that is why I dislike having multiple guilds and don't mind beeing forced to represent 100% at all.
Sadly, this single-guild-preferance of mine has, yet again, left me stranded without an active guild.

I can keep myself occupied for a very long time in game (sooo many things to do !) but it's really turning to feel rather lonely.

So ! Here I go.. babbling a little more about myself to give you an idea about what I am looking for and what kind of a player I am.

I am not a native speaker but enjoy doing italking quite a lot. I like to get attached to my guild and those within, which I do not find possible without voice chatting. Sometimes, I find myself in situations at which I cannot speak but only listen. That's usually when there are people in my immediate surroundings trying to study. I often go weeks or months without that issue but sometimes it's more present for a few days.

On a normal day I am online pretty much every day in the evenings for quite a few hours. Though I can rarely guarantee playtime as my job put's that at random.
I am currently the druid healer of an independant raidforce which is raiding every mondays and thursdays. We are clearing everything but Quadim.

I have many classes geared up (kinda to keep my bank free from equipment clutter) but really only ever play my ranger. I love my ranger. I enjoy healing and dpsing with it a lot. I even take it to wvw every now and then, even though it's not really suited. I bet I could enjoy another class the same way, if only I had reasons, like fitting in with the rest of a static group.
I have a few legendary armor sets and legendary weapons to my name. I never cared for achievement points.

I would love to delve a little deeper into fractals. I have been doing normal T4 with pugs quite a lot and grew a little tired of running it with anonymous people. I would absolutely love to do some fractals with people I know and possibly even learn CMs which I have no clue about yet, sadly. No chance to learn that with pugs.

I don't mind doing guild missions or similar things.
I was born 82 and started playing online games in 94. I will not get into detail which ones I played, but with WoW I never got out of the beta. It kinda felt like a copy of something that I had happily been playing for many years already so I never saw reason to switch.

If you answer to this, please don't be disappointed if I don't come back to you right away. Joining a guild is something I like to put thought into.

Really hope someone would have me !



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