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Need suggestion of chrono to rebuild with what I currently have

I usually play T4 and open world, no time on raids since I have to take care of kids.
I used to play this mesmer for T4 when she was still very shiny before the nerf that killed the boonsharing
My current gears are as follows, and wish you can use that to get me a very good build for T4 and open world

I want to play with her more but the commander set and leadership runes I took lots of time to make, should I just kill it and go power or diviner, or you have more sustainable build with what I currently have?


  • aetemes.2603aetemes.2603 Member ✭✭
    edited March 22, 2019

    I am in the same boat...I wanted to play the boonmadness healing chrono when I came back and got a lot of minstrel pieces to play support mesmer not as a it just feels like stand in the wells kind of support...I don't know...boring. Soo many changes.

    Don't think I will bother with diviner just to be urked someone didnt stand in a well.

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