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Order of the Eleven [XI] recruiting. Small friendly guild [Tarnished Coast] PvX [Progression Group]

We're a small guild of about 30 right now looking to bring in some new friendly faces. We aim to stay small so we can make it a point to make everyone can feel included rather than the guilds with hundreds of members where sometimes it's hard to get yourself acquainted with everyone. We run fractals of all tiers, raids, dungeons, PVP, and pretty much anything our members want to do as a group. We don't require builds and encourage you to play what you find fun and what works for you. Many of us are still improving on our gameplay and we're all getting better together so we'll help you improve with us. If you're interested in becoming part of a group of friends that plays together regularly you can shoot me a message in game at daruther.5391 or our founder DeusVolt.4307. We have a guild hall and discord server where we all hang out. We're looking for people who'll gel with the group so we'd appreciate a quick description of yourself and what you hope to get out of joining us.


  • hey, hmm i actually tried to join your guild. But dunno somehow i never got a guild invite and when i tried sending a mail it said that person is blocking you. Dont really know if that was on purpose or not hahaha. But really was hoping to find people to play with.

  • Hey, sorry about that. I randomly dced today around 2 pm. I sent you an invite :)

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