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[MA] 2 Newbies LF PvX Currently on SoR

My brother and I are both new to the game. We are looking for a Casual PvX guild. He does Not PvP and I like to do everything. We are of the Older Demographic, in our 40's.

We are not opposed to changing servers if needed

We Play daily anywhere from 3pm - 10pm CST.

We are looking to learn the game and run with good people who joke around but still get it done.

If you want to talk my Discord is Finn#6286


  • Lanthun.7251Lanthun.7251 Member ✭✭✭

    Hi! I noticed your post on the forums, and wanted to reach out to you today about a possible guild for you! :D

    FUZZ, in short, is a casual PvX guild. We have a core value of doing what we want when we want, and having fun doing so. We are TC based, but not a req. to be apart of our guild. We're a quiet bunch, in/out of game, but we are always looking for more to help divert that! :D

    We have more info here --> tinyurl.com/fuzzrules

    Feel free to reach out to me if this is somewhere you like to be apart of!


    Teacher, gamer, uncle, etc..
    Devils Remorse, lvl80 MP257 Scourge (filthy)
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