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[NA][PvX][Discord][Twitch Streamer] Nightlifecrew a new guild recruiting!

Hello and welcome! If you are new, returning or veteran players! Whether you're exploring zones, doing DLC or Living World Story to get caught up or farming that Skyscale collection, join a community of friends to do all of those things with! =)

Our Guild:
Nightlifecrew is a guild run by a group of content creators on Twitch & Mixer. We're friendly, casual, centered on fun and helping members progress.
We do have a discord for voice and text to keep members connected to the community!
we are located on the NA mega server and because of how Guild Wars 2's account system works, people on the EU server will not be able to play content with us without transferring.

Who we're looking for:
We welcome members who are just starting out in the game, returning after a break, or are dedicated veterans. Our guild is home to every type of player, and you’re welcome as part of this. If you're new, we'll help you learn; if you're returning, we can help you see what's new to the game; and if you're experienced and you love to help others your more then welcome to join to!

What we do:
Because we are fairly new and don't have the members yet. I, Trishinator will be running nights for both PvE and PvP content. I'll be streaming to so some of my Twitch community joins in the fun as well. Here's some content we will be doing:

  • Open World Content: Bosses, events, jumping puzzles and map completions
  • PvP: Casual nights for unranked PvP for all experience levels
  • Guild Missions: Special missions designed for the guild that rewards loot and commendations

Once we start getting members I would love to do dungeons, fractals, raids and even some WvW to!

To join:
*The best and fastest way to join is through our discord
* Comment here with questions or an invite
* Contact Trishinator.5103 in game with a mail or whisper

Extra details:

  • We also play Star Wars the old Republic together as a guild to.
  • You can also find me on Twitch streaming Guild Wars 2 & Star Wars the old Republic at:
  • Mrnightlife, Nightlifecrew founder also does SWTOR streams you can find him at:
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