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[NA] FvD : Casual new dungeon running guild recruiting like minded members to fill up the roster

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Hi everyone, I recently started a new guild for dungeon running groups. I love running dungeons and meet many nice people but we all have the problem that finding other nice people is hard to do, so I'm trying to make a meeting ground for them.

Its a casual guild with an aim to bring people together and have fun in what is considered by others to be dead content. You don't have to rep, there's no fancy guild hall and we don't expect much from you.

Here's a quick list of things we want from members
1. Be nice (most obvious but most important)
2. Be level 80 with some decent gear (it doesn't have to be perfect and we don't expect anything like the meta, but its no fun for either the carried or carriers)
3. Want to run dungeons
4. Experience with dungeons is not required BUT please let the group know if you don't know the path you are doing (if we know we can teach you the mechanics)
5. Speak English fairly well (because communication is really hard if not)
6. Please don't race other members, racing ahead of everyone else moving the party too quickly has bad results. We look after members and stick together

After you join all you need to do is ask on guild chat or see if anyone else asks for dungeons and your off on your merry way, I know I will be asking for partners in dungeons.

Thanks for reading, if your interested pm me in game or drop me a mail on the forums (if Im awake Im online) Crunchy Grooves

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