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[LFG on Dragonbrand-willing to move][NA][PvX][PST-West Coast][Semi-Hardcore]

TaiZia.5712TaiZia.5712 Member ✭✭
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New to GW2. Have been playing WoW since the beginning until my raiding guild kind of fell apart on the latest expansion. For me, the enjoyment of this type of game comes mostly from the people's company. What I'm doing online doesn't really matter as long as I'm allowed to make mistakes but steadily learn and improve. I have a family so there are limits on my time.

Mainly looking for a relaxed environment. But if we're running something I want to focus and get it done so we can all get back to goofing off doing other things in the game.


  • Wife and kids. So family is priority over everything else.
    • I think I'm looking for a smaller guild that has 10-15 people consistently online each time and maybe more on raid days.
  • When raiding or doing something equivalent to Mythics, people can focus and get things done. On everything else it should be a very relaxed atmosphere.
  • Willing to dedicate 2 evenings Sun - Thur after 9pm PST. I will be online at random times of the day and most evenings but I can't promise more than 2 days scheduled.
  • Have knowledgable people I can trust to follow their advice instead of having to research endlessly to min/max. I don't expect to be spoon fed but something like, "for your playstyle use this build". Or "you don't have the best upgrades, use these ones instead"
  • Allowed to have hard arguments but once a decision is made everyone is behind it.
  • As long as things are objectively fair: loot doesn't matter, whether I have to sit out or not doesn't matter, i can't join the PvP team cuz I sux doesn't matter
  • Members are Gay, straight, non-binary, religeous or not, political or not doens't matter. Nasty topics are controlled or shut down.
  • I really don't want to be around people who's every 2nd word is a swear. All other topics doesn't matter, but there is such a thing as TMI.


  • I can't pick up all mechanics at the same time, need to focus on 1-2 at a time until I master them and then work on more.
  • Would prefer to learn faster but ok with wiping endlessly.
  • On guild/v chat I will be a lurker most of the time.
  • Almost 50, so not so much the twitch factor anymore. But I've been programming and working with computer for 37 years. "Gaming" since the days of Unreal on LAN parties and D2. So not the typical 50yo.
  • Willing to purcahse all expansions if I find a good home for gaming.
  • For the next few years, there will be times when I can listen but not talk on voice chat. My office is right besides someone's bedroom.


  • TaiZia.5712TaiZia.5712 Member ✭✭

    My understanding is that I only need to be on the same server if I really want to take advantage of everything in WvW. I'd like to join and try out for a few weeks. If I'm a fit for your community I'm willing to transfer or start fresh with whatever class/spec the guild needs/wants.

  • TaiZia.5712TaiZia.5712 Member ✭✭

    So far loving the event-driven quests. Just wander around the map and help people without having to pick up or turn in quests. And not just A but can do A or B or C etc.

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