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[EU] Winter Dragons [SNOW] are recruiting!

Snow is a casual PvX guild, even though we don’t have a game mode that defines us; most of the things we do as a guild are PvE centred at this time.
Our primary focus is the community. Talking, helping out where needed and just having fun ingame. We come together once a week on Wednesday at 20:00 CET to do guild missions, other activities like for example bounty's, jumping puzzle's, fractals and dungeons are organized on occasion or - more often - undertaken when someone requests help.
We have a max level (69) Guild hall, a TeamSpeak server and guild forums. The winter dragons have been going strong for more than 6 years and we have around 160 members - ranging from seasoned veterans to people who have been playing for less than a year - over half of whom log in weekly.
So; if you are 18+ and looking for some friendly, helpful company to have Guild Wars 2 fun with please consider us.

For more info contact: StarDroid.1038
I'm not online? Visit us at winterdragons.net and submit a application!


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