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FPS on Macbook Pro 2018

Hello Gw2 players!

I have a macbook pro 2018. I know that isn’t the best for gaming but still.
I have a fps of 27 and if i move it drops tot 5 fps. I think a macbook can do better than that. But how?

My vram is 2G and i have a intel i7
It doesn’t matter if i change the graphics settings, and if i chose autodetect it choose everything in high.
There is something on reddit about changing the config file but i don't have that file. Even if i look for hidden maps.

I hope somebody knows how to get the fps up



  • calb.3128calb.3128 Member ✭✭✭

    Manually change the settings to medium and/or low and let us know how that changes things. Check resolution too... running it at full (retina) resolution will be painful.

    Speaking as another MBP player (albeit a slightly older one), it won't run as well as it would under Windows through Bootcamp. I think the config changes you refer to on Reddit only affected the 32-bit client, not the 64-bit client (though I stand to be corrected).

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