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[NA / Jade Quarry] The Sushi Taste Club [TSTC] Newly Formed & Looking For Members!

subfraction.1327subfraction.1327 Member
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We are a newly formed and therefore very small guild on the Jade Quarry Server based in NA. At the moment we're only 2 members, thats why we are searching and we hope to grow, slowly but with quality! We’re looking for active, casual and friendly players to build a community. I personally participated in the Beta and returned just now and my Wife started out fresh with me a few days ago. So it doesnt matter if you are also new, play it since launch or are dipping in again.

What do we want to do? Whatever we feel like doing! Is about fun. We are dorky. We like PvE the most, so Raids in the distant future would be fun, Instances, Open World and Puzzles. I for my side enjoy PvP so a Ranked Group would be awesome as well and participating in WvW. Getting a Guild Hall up and running is also a target that is set.

We talk in Discord nearly the whole time when we play so we do have a channel. If you don't want to join, you don't have to but for PvP it just makes sense.

We love to talk about Music and Anime, Movies and random stuff that makes no sense at all. As said, we are dorky.

We dont have any rules like some big ego complex wannabe, just the usual. Be nice, respect each other and it would be cool if you bring some friends along if you like it here with us!

To talk about the guild or be invited, send an in-game pm to: subfraction.1327

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