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Guild spawned Tequatl weekends morning.

^-^ Greetings, people!
Saturdays and Sundays morning at 10:35 CEST we spawn Tequatl for fun (and some loot :p ). 3 Comms, banner, food & good vibes.
Join and enjoy this event with us! Welcome all!
Good luck, have fun, take care and see you in game! B)


  • ^-^ Hello again, Tyrian peoples!
    The schedule is now changed to winter timetable, you know; but we still here, spawning saturdays and sundays morning our old lizard friend at
    10:35 CET.
    All welcome! Take care, enjoy game and life if possible and see you in game! B)

  • ^-^ Greetings, Tyrian people!
    We still doing the Special Weekends Morning Guild Spawned Tequatl.
    Tomorrow, we will have the summer timetable again, so....
    We will spawn our friend at 10:35 CEST.
    \o/ Everybody is very welcome!
    Thanks you very much! Take care, stay safe and enjoy as possible. :3
    See you in game! B)