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[NA] [HUNT] Together We Roam RECRUITING New and Returning/Experienced Players, Semi-Casual Guild PvX

Hello Tyrians,
We are currently recruiting players looking to return or learn about the game. We are a small tight-knit guild, and we try to emphasize community bond and quality of character over quantity of players. We are currently on Gate of Madness but that shouldn't matter if you're not interested in WvW(World Versus World). Our current roster of players consists of returning players as well as experienced players. We have players who enjoy all aspects of the game be it; Raiding, Fractals, SPvP and WvW. If you're a newer player, we don't mind teaching. The goal of the guild is to ultimately, grow together, learn together and have fun together. That being said, we are a bit more picky about the type of people who join as we want to make sure you mesh well with everyone in the guild and vice versa. So here's what you can expect from our guild:

  • Active and helpful players(Most of our experienced players have several legendaries and multiple raid wings under their belt).
  • Players who are willing to teach you whatever you need to learn, be it PvE or PvP
  • A chill laid back guild who also doesn't mind turning it on when it comes to Raids/CMS
  • Players who just enjoy talking to each other in a safe and friendly environment
  • A patient community who doesn't push players to play a certain way
  • No REP needed, the idea is; if you like the guild enough, you'll REP anyways.
  • 18+ Guild and everything that comes with that
  • No toxicity or elitism here :)
  • A discord channel with anything you can imagine!

Whisper me in game or send me a mail if you're interested! @DeusVolt.4307
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. ^.^


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  • Daily Bump! Hope everyone is having a great week so far, 2 days till the weekend D:

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  • Bumping, also Happy Friyay :D

  • BUMPING We're almost at 20 members now and getting our Guild Hall soon. Send me a message in game or just PM me :)

  • Bumping, We just got our Guild Hall and we just hit 20 members, looking to expand a bit more :) All players welcome!

  • Bumping! :)

  • Our guild is growing at a nice rate, We just got Gilded Hollow and hit 25 members! Looking to expand into 40-50 :) Players of all experience levels are welcome, we don't mind teaching newer plays, in fact we love it! We also have experienced players for people who want to do high end content. Join us now! :) Cant wait to hear from you all!

  • Update: Some FAQ people ask:
    1. Do we have to Rep?---No you do not have to rep, however it is appreciated if you do if we do guild missions or just play together :) we find people rep us of their own volition because they like the guild.

    1. How active do I have to be? We are pretty lenient about activity, just be active at least once every 14 days(2 weeks) and if you can't, notify me or an officer and you'll be good. :)

    We're still recruiting and hope to talk to some people soon!

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  • Bumping, also happy Friday :D

  • Bumping :) Just finished our first guild missions and it was super fun. Come join us :)

  • Bumpng, let's get through this week :D Still recruiting about 15-20 members before stopping <3 Come whisper me or mail me and find your new home!

  • Bumping! The weekend is almost here :)

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