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[NA] A Stroll in the Pink and a Stroll in the Black for Cancer awareness, sponsored by TBC

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as it is the Month of Pink Day in LA and Night of The Necromancers,
The Tyrian Bullet Club cordially invites all players to our 3 Cancer awareness walks across Tyria!
the first 2 will be known as "a stroll in the pink" and the third will be known as "a stroll in the Black".
now, we've held these walks last year and they were highly populated... people like to walk and chat and chill and (psst they unlock maps on alts) .
these walks will all begin at 5pm CST on NA servers, with the first on october 4th departing from the Black citadel, the second on October 11th , departing from Metrica Province.
the final walk, "a stroll in the Black" will begin in the Black Citadel and wrap back around a few times. we might even take the walk to the cursed shore. if the crowd wants it.
these walks will also be streamed live on twitch.tv/sin_of_anubis. during that stream, an active fundraiser for CCS will be going. that's the Canadian Cancer Society. participants are free to join the stream and, if they wish, make a donation to the links provided on the stream.

now for the WHY.
well, for starters, sometimes you just want to take a walk. and sometimes, you want to wear all pink. or all black. that said...
we are doing this to not only raise awareness for all forms of cancer, but to also encourage screening and testing, honoring those surviving these horrible diseases, and doing what we as gamers can do to help.
this is 100% optional. it will be in LFG and the walk will commence on each date regardless of who is there. But we welcome you to come along!

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