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Recent Texture Loading Issues

I'm running a brand new system with an Intel Core i9-9900k CPU @3.60Ghz, 32k MB RAM and an nVidia RTX 2080ti. Since that small update an hour after reset we had on I think either last Thursday or Friday, I have been experiencing texture loading issues.

Textures in Open World do not load at the VAST distances they did. This includes resource nodes which also do not appear on the mini-map until at much closer distances. NPCs and MOBs are the same. I have to be nearly on top of them before they load fully, and they literally POP up when they do.

This isn't a game-breaking issue, but it is annoying. Do you think that this is a result of that recent update changing some setting in my client, the updated client reacting to some setting in my system or did they break the game for some people...and I'll just have to wait till they fix it? Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.