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Engineer LFG on Desolation [EU, PvX, Casual]

After six years of inactivity, I came back to Guild Wars 2. I am now looking for a guild. My main character is a norn engineer. While I am looking for a guild primarily for myself, I have friends who might be interested in joining a guild with more or less same preferences as me (i.e. same as post title information). Upon reaching level 80, I would be interested in trying out WvW and perhaps other PvP modes. I will also most likely purchase the game expansions, depending on how active my friends will be.

Main reason I wish to join a guild is to both receive help and give help with tougher parts of levelling in the game, such as defeating champion enemies, some of the harsher public events, and of course dungeons. For the foreseeable future I am keen on playing the game every day or every second day, at least in short bursts.


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