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[EU] [PvE] Winter Dragons [SNOW] are looking for new members!

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SNOW is a casual PvE community guild based in EU. Majority of our activities revolve around PvE content: Guild Missions, Jumping Puzzles, Dungeons, Fractals or any adventurous undertaking that's been undertaken when someone requests help. We also meddle a bit in WvW and PvP with some mixed in high end PvE content like: T4 Fractals, CMs and Raids.
In the end at heart our primary focus is the community. Talking, helping our where needed and just having fun.

For last six years we have always come together once a week on Wednesday evenings to do Guild Missions, that end us being in coms and talking about the game, life or any interesting subject that pops up out of nowhere, at times those talks stretch well into the evening even after Guild Missions have been long completed. Other activities like for example PoF Bounties, Jumping Puzzles, Hero Point runs, Fractals or Dungeons are organized on occasion or - more often - undertaken when someone requests help.
SNOW is mainly based in Gandara when it comes to WvW, but lately we have been having some of our veteran WvWers also playing on Piken.
Our PvPers mostly stick to duo queueing, but there could be always someone looking for a friend to endure the endless river of salt.
Due to lack on interest currently we don't organise Raiding events anymore, but our members that used to raid are spread over many teams, so, if you want to raid, perhaps, ask around and someone will be able to give you a shot or can relay on some being interested in a fractal run of any tier.
We have a max level Guild hall, that's been decorated over the years by many members. As a guild we take great pride in our Gilded Hallows looks, because that's our home and we want it to tell our story, so you can find interesting places all around with their own meaning and story.

General guild info:

  • Max level (69) Gilded Hallow guild hall
  • Based in Gandara
  • 140 active members that have logged in during last 3 months
  • Our own forum for longer discussions, event announcements and voting
  • Using Discord for voice communication and chatting

Want to join?
Recommended requirements:

  • You are +18 years old
  • You don't have to always represent, but its welcome, if you do
  • Be ready to talk and engage into conversations, also request help, when needed
  • No skill requirement, we will show you the way, if you will want to

For more info contact: StarDroid.1038