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[NA][Jade Quarry] Looking for -smol- Malaysia Guild

RamzaWolf.9084RamzaWolf.9084 Member ✭✭
edited November 19, 2019 in Looking For Guild

As per title, I'm interested in small, close knit, active for years Malaysian Guild, preferably LGBT friendly.


  • Did u find any Malaysian Guild? Im looking for one too.

  • Hi.. i’m from Malaysia. We can team up if you want

  • Ah, this post is already more than a year haha.
    Though I did try to join several guilds, I'd have to say that I'm super bad in socializing or even able blend in the guild x'D
    You can still send me mail in game and add friends if you want, just that however, I'm spending most time in Elder Scrolls Online now and GW2 on random days only.