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[NA]Player looking for a guild to call my own

Good morning. A little about my self I have been playing Gw2 for a while and have 2 80s my main is a ranger and my second is a necro. But I don't know how to truly utilize them.I want to learn how to be competitive in the sense of builds and how to use my character optimally for what my play style is (whatever it is.haha).I have ascend weapons an one set of ascend armor but that's about it on the character front.

Now for me personally I am a jokster an a prankster that would need a +18 guild to be a part of. I play everyday for a few hours and I am a mellow soul who is committed to the betterment of the Gw2 community.Which means I try to help folks who are just as lost as I am most of the time.haha. But most importantly I have played Gw2 for a while an would honestly like to be in a guild an make friends an be excited to play with, not just hmmmmm time to do Maguuma or dailies an be the silent Ronin that I have been. I have discord and a mic. My characters name is Puck Owen. Message me in game. I honestly hope to hear from ya.