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LFG IOJ ( PvE/Open to PvP, WvW, PvX) (Casual/Semi-Hardcore Player) (NA EST)

Name: Christopher Han
Age: 17
I am a new player looking for a guild to socialize, play, and grow with. I have beaten the personal story, I have bought the expansions as well.
I currently have one character, which is a Norm Necromancer, however, I am interested in playing other builds. I am willing to switch servers if needed as well.
I want to be included in a friendly guild that loves to socialize (preferably in discord). I'm not looking for a particular age group, just enough to be mature (most of the time ;) ).
I am also looking for a guild that is willing to deal with me being a new player, I want a guild where I can be accepted and grown into a great player as I'm just scratching the surface of knowledge within this game.
As I am a new player, I only have experience with PvE. However, I am open to the competitiveness of PvP as I am a very competitive person. I'm also open to entering the world of WvW and PvX.
I am in high school, this is where most of my focus is towards, however, I have been loving GW2 and have been playing it when I'm not in school and not doing school work.

Discord ID: ButtClench#3852 (Yes I know it's a silly name :P)
I'm 100% down to do an interview, please message me through Discord for any inquiries pertaining to my application.

Thank you and I hope to be apart of your GW2 family!