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RESIST and INSIST -- Stereoscopic light and shadow rendering flaws -- abound!

Back in good old 2019, I helped to spearhead a drive to keep ANet focused on keeping true 3D stereoscopic gaming part of GW2. ANet tried to say they did not disallow it, but as it turned out they HAD done so by accident. Those of us that still find 3D GW2 "to-die-for" find this feature unparalleled and glorious. NOW, ANet has stopped rendering the game to fully support stereoscopic light and shadow propagation. I have to CNTRL-T to shift the stereo out and back again to work. But, things like small shadows, shade under trees, most of the towns and cities, torchlight, look really bad in 3D Stereoscopic view. Maybe an ANet boss told the compilers NOT to bother rendering the game completely in favor of those 3D Stereoscopic idiot players that haven't upgraded to the latest NVidia cards! What changed? Obviously someone at the top told the compilers not to render light and shadow propagation completely -- to take shortcuts. MAYBE NVidia is pressuring them. If that's the case, then to NVidia I say, "You gave us the best 3D. GW2 gave us an awesome reason to buy your full 3D setups. Now, you've changed your minds in favor of something else, but 3D WILL always remain. We will have 3D back in the "Mainstream" one day." To ANet I say, "Compile the game the right way and give us back a quality 3D game!" To all of you reading this rant, "RESIST! and INSIST!"


  • Is technical support looking into the light propagation issues, or not? Let me re-clarify: Activate shutter glasses for 3D, then go to WvW or any map, and look at how the light and shadows are being rendered, especially in smaller areas. First, close one eye, then the other eye. You'll see how the light seems to cut in half. Why is that? Is there a tweak I can do that will fix that, or is it a "compiler" issue on your end?