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LF Guild - PvE/WvW - Casual Player - (NA) Sorrow's Furnace


Name's Celes. I'm an on and off player with some really inconsistent play times. I'd love to hang out with other players sometimes, and what better way to do that than to run around doing bounties together, slaying bosses for like the umpteenth time, smashing Fractals and I honestly want to give World vs World another shot but like actually do something this time!

I'm super active on Discord if there's a need for players to come on to do stuff and I don't mind using mic. I've played Guild Wars 2 a lot before but I never tried to understand the technicalities and probably might not be the most useful when it comes to anything involving that, but if there's anything I can help with I'd gladly oblige!

I don't know if I should include this but I feel it's nice to know. If things don't click, please be honest and let me know. There won't be any offence or hard feelings! It'd really help ease any tension and worries, 'cause everyone will be open and stuff.

For anyone who replies or reads this, thank you for your time and happy adventuring!


  • I would be open to playing im looking for the same thing in a group as you but my schedule usually works whenever im wanted lol......just send me a message if you feel up to it