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Quip III: Holy Trickery

There is supposed to be a rabbit in a cave. You are supposed to kill the rabbit to spawn the event "Defeat the Champion Fleshreaver". Has anyone ever seen this rabbit? I spent 12 hours today waiting in and near the cave. No rabbit, no fleshreaver.


  • Update: I have seen the splendid chest twice. the splendid chest spawns when the fleshreaver is killed. i even relogged a different toon and the splendid chest was there. but the rabbit and the fleshreaver are not. and you have to kill the fleshreaver for the Holy Trickery achievement for the collection.

  • nottsgman.8206nottsgman.8206 Member ✭✭✭

    the rabbit spawns 30 mins after the fleshreaver was last killed. I just stood around and timed it (for science). maybe that will help you next time you decide to wait '12 hours'

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