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(EU) Long time player looking for new guild.

Hi, my current guild has been terribly quiet lately (for months really), both in game and on discord. So I would like to test the waters and meet some new peeps.

About me:
PvX player (I mainly focus on PvE open world, but have mad bursts into other game modes).
Former RPer, so I’m open to RP guilds (might be fun to get into character again)
I love fashion wars.
Alt-player. I love all the classes and races.
I play most days. But if I sit down for a long session it’s usually on a Wednesday or Sunday.
I’m usually anxious in new groups but once I settle in, it’s hard to shut me up.
I try to be helpful when I can.
Big old nerd, who likes nerd stuff.

If you have any place for someone like me in your guild, then I would love to join.