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My BF and I are wanting to do some legendary crafting, and in order to do so we haz to do the pvp. We've gone into pvp as a team, and even jumped into the Mists together, but I feel that being in a WvW oriented guild would make this much easier (and would help show us the ropes, we don't want to be fodder). We are on Northern Shiverpeaks.



  • Remaran.2963Remaran.2963 Member ✭✭

    As there are some differences between PvP and WvW, are you mainly looking for a havoc/roaming group?

  • We have been able to pvp by ourselves, and this doesn't seem to be too big an issue to do - we have looked up on metabattle for builds to help out. But yeah, wvw seems to require a grp to roam around with, and a guild or static group would be much easier to do this with. Like I said, we jumped in there one day and felt way out of our element. We did end up finding others and followed them around (there was also map chat that helped figure out what was going on), but we're going to need some guidance in the beginning tbh.