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[NA][Raid] We Buy Raids [oRly] Recruiting for Static and Sell Team (fill positions)

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We Buy Raids [oRly] is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a try-hard attitude aimed at efficient clears and clean sells. We are currently looking for members to fill out our sell and static team(s) which run several nights per week around reset. A good candidate for the team will be someone looking to play at a high level and to consistently perform, and improve, alongside the group as a whole.

Friday night is the primary Full Clear night, to which attendance is mandatory. This begins at 5PM PST/8PM EST and runs until it is complete. This is the time where we review our processes and work together to determine the areas in which we can improve; reviewing those processes begins on Discord, which as you might have guessed, is as mandatory as the weekly full clear.

We are also open to sales on any other night of the week, these most often begin at 5PM PST/8PM EST, and run until they are complete. People with a more open availability will be considered more readily than those without. We don’t expect you to be there every day, but we do expect you to be around more than one night a week (of course, we’re not completely heartless- real life happens and sometimes you’ve just got to take care of that first).

What we’re looking for:

You must be able to play one of the three support roles competently or the desired meta specs as listed below if that is the position you are applying to; same goes for DPS as listed in their sections. If you are a DPS you must have both power and Condi and be willing to gear based on the meta.

Support Roles:

Chrono - Great Boon uptime, consistent with all boss/event relevant
mechanics, good communication skills.
Druid - Able to competently solo-heal all encounters within
reason. Having Condi druid is a major plus.
Banner Slave - Both the Power DPS and Condi DPS builds and sets.

Support Necro not mandatory, but would be a++ if you also happened to have one.

DPS Roles:

Power DPS - Thief (Daredevil/Deadeye), and Power Holosmith (another power DPS will be considered, but Thief is mandatory).
Condi DPS - Mirage, and one other Condi DPS of choice.

All subject to change with the current meta as per balance patches, of course

No matter what role you are playing you must be willing to take constructive criticism and want to put in the time and effort to improve in those areas. We’re here to work and improve as a team and have fun doing it, but we are only as strong as our weakest link. As such it is imperative you mesh well with the team, and understand that while the screening process may be a long one you’ll be joining a hand-picked and well-maintained team of players dedicated to playing at a higher level.

**Having logs submitted with your application will help us expedite the process and get back to you much sooner than we would otherwise be able to.


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