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[EU] Looking for more raiding members (CCC)

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Choya cactus commando (CCC) is looking for more members who are willing to raid on regular basis. We do raids on Sunday, starting at 15:00 CEST until 18:00. Majority of the guild are already in working process, that means we play for fun, not living the game. I would say we are mediocore experienced in raids, able to clear W1, W2 up to Bandit Trio, W3 up to Keep Construct, W4 up to Samarog, W6 - Conjured and still learning something new, in close future we are going to learn Deimos.

What can we offer:
1) Friendly enviroment - nobody would blame you for mistakes (s**t happens, get good)
2) Learn what we know with patience
3) Chance to set up with some other members daily fractal run/ posibly CM

What we cant offer:
1) Large community because we are small guild with around 20 members (24 lvl guild hall)
2) Raids on "pro" basis. Most of the time we clear one wing and then we train.
3) Some overwhelming activity during the week. Work, family and after that some small part for fun.

What we are looking for:
1) Persons who are willing the learn through fails.
2) Everyone who have suitable gear and know how to play your class. Mechanic of the particular raid we can teach if we know.
3) Friendly people, but not so much. Nobody likes rectal alpinist :)

Right now we need for raids:
1) Druid if possible with some other healing classes
2) Condi Scourge
3) Other DPS classes like Daredevil/Deadeye, Mirrage, Dragon hunter, Holomances, etc.
Of course multi-class would be the best. We got 5 regular raiders. We are using Discord, dont have to talk, just listen.

If you would have some other questions feel free to write me mail in the game Krizek.5672, cannot promise reply on forum.

Recruiting is still open until there will say othervise.