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  1. I faced a similar issue when I tried downloading the game a couple of years ago. I'd suggest you check your memory disks, you might not have enough GB space in your computer, as the game requires you around 30 I think.
  2. A big role in players leaving plays the refund system and bugs. I just want to say that there is nothing worse for players than feeling like their time goes to waste, their progress goes unnoticed and that their efforts get shattered to pieces, especially when it's not even their fault.
  3. I see the point that you are trying to make, however I don't think that refunding lost items should be treated as a onetime only exception, while considering the low limit and the negative approach, I find the applications of the system to be harsh and poorly thought out. Imagine how many players could be enjoying the game knowing that in case of an accident occurring, they could still have a chance of resolving it (which I believe is very possible in most instances after reviewing other people’s experiences, usually all the data is there), instead of getting discouraged, rage quitting
  4. Well yeah it occured to me within 3 days just this week. The previous time I got a refund but I actually got half of it, meaning I accidentaly dropped 2 kits but since they didn't believe me I asked for 1 back. Now that the 3rd kit has bugged and it's not my fault they literally said what I wrote. I don't see why it being recent matters. I'll think about asking for a Senior advisor. Thank you
  5. I was talking about wasting resources like gold and lots of time, today I lose 150 gold, another day somebody loses their legendary sword, either way no refund.
  6. So, I have been dealing with an issue the last few days regarding my character in-game. I exchanged 150 gold for 450 gems, in order to get 5 BLKeys, which I then used mainly to get 5 BLStatuettes, adding them to the 6 that I already possessed, I had enough to then exchange them for a Total Makeover Kit. I used it on my human male Ele to make him as tall as possible, in which case I did very accurately over the normal limit (yellow square) up to full max. 2 days later, I noticed that my character wasn't as tall as other human males (no novelties or buffs), so I checked with
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