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  1. Thief is out of the question as its mostly useless as support other than give stealth, i did tried scrapper (explosive hammer with granades) but as a group we lost the ability to range and persuit
  2. Hello guys! im looking for advice. I Roam with my fam and we usually just focus on dailies and or guild missions so we have several skirmishs with other wvw players thats unavoidable and most of the times fun. I want to become SUPPORT for the rest of my small team, something that can heal but can also be usefull on fights, cant decide on witch class/build to take so give me advice! My current team is Celestial Reaper Celestial Core Guardian Celestial Renegade <-me so what class can i switch to ? and if posible what build can help on small teams not looking for a ful
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