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[EU] Toxic Frogs [FROG] ​🐸 PvE Guild who enjoys doing Raids, Strikes, Fractals, and Open world content

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What is our guild about?


We are mainly a PVE guild. We enjoy doing raids, strikes, fractals or open world content. Some of us do PvP or WvW but there is currently no groups/team being organized.

Our PVE 'endgame' content is open to all guild members as long as they have suitable builds, a bit of gear and are willing to learn. There's no elitist requirements or gatekeeping at work here.

Some of our guild members have a lot of experience in all kinds of areas of the game, and are willing to share. So if you're rather new and want to learn more, feel free to ask around.


Guild members are usually active around European evening times. Early birds and night owls also exist in our guild but you will probably have trouble finding groups at that time.

Guild activities are not mandatory but if you want to feel like being part of the community it will help being there every once in a while.

We got a different social events every week on Wednesdays  or Thursdays, typically something chill where we can just frog around and have fun, and then Guild missions every Saturday.

Our guild members are all adults (at least on paper). If occasional sarcasm or adult humor is deeply offensive to you then you will probably not be happy here. We might be called Toxic Frogs🐸, but obviously don't be Toxic.

We are a medium sized guild, with a lvl 52 guild hall as of this posting. We are working on getting it to max level with weekly guild Missions.

As a guild we have managed to clear all Raids, including wing 2 3 and 4 CMs. All strikes, Including AH and XJJ CM, we are currently working on getting KO cm. 

We have members experienced in all Fractals including the CMs for 98 99 and 100.

We got amazing Know it all's that can help you get your Build/Gear sorted, and taught the inns and outs of the game should you have questions. 

If you are Interested in joining us, Add our server by copying this "bJhKcvmsad" into your Discord. We will then do a little interview and see if you are a good fit for our guild. 

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