Came back to the game yesterday after a 3 months break, having awful issues. — Guild Wars 2 Forums

Came back to the game yesterday after a 3 months break, having awful issues.


I just logged in after a while yesterday, and I had some really annoying issues, so I came here to ask if anyone had a fix or could relate to that.

Whenever I'd load a new map, my ping will spike to 400+ and my fps drop to 5-6, (I usually get 60+).

I wanted to introduce the game to a friend and this makes it impossible to play with her.

That's the first time I experience such massive fps drop in gw2.
Hardware side everything is fine, I do not experience such thing with other games, only in gw2.

For example in mistlock my fps and ping would be just fine and lets say I'd tp to queensdale and the PowerPoint presentation would start.

Does anyone have a fix for that?


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    You can try a fresh reinstallation or a repait of the client. To do that you have to create a shortcut of the game and add -repair at the end of the path, right after the "...Gw2-64.exe" in that shortcut. Just google it if something is unclear!

    Another thing you can do is clear the gw2cache, which you will find in your temp folder, look for folders including "gw2cache" followed by a string of numbers and delete all of them.

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  • Tried to repair, but it still didn't fix the issue. And it's not related to my graphics settings. On some maps I get 6 fps and 400 pings but when i waypoint to another map i get normal fps and normal ping. Then I tp to another map again same thing.

    Guess the game won't let me play :/

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    You can try a program like PingPlotter to see the path to one of the map's IP addresses that are giving you issue.
    It may, or may not, shed some light.

    You can try using a VPN.

    Good luck.

  • A lot of players (me included) has this issue, constant ultra high ping when playing the game, but not on other games.
    Part of me wants to believe it's due to the recent outbreak and the game's not used to this many people online and/or not a lot of staff fixing the game due to quarantine.