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  1. Even for people who don't need levels, you don't want more money from reward tracks? Not more players so you stop having empty kittening maps?
  2. Imagine expecting that almost 9 years you paid a price justifies never having to pay anything again. No. Not pay to win, you literally cannot participate in 90% of the game if you refuse to pay 40 bucks.
  3. Who cares. WvW survived THIS long, people will always come back for one reason or another. I'm very excited about New World, we had a blast during the tests my friends and I and the issues I had are pretty much all already fixed - but it won't even compete with GW2 for me.
  4. Sadly, we will never see this kitten of a dragon done justice.
  5. True, the stance is really bad now, but you still have a bunch of on demand cleanses to survive.
  6. We will see. Ele might be back when they don't have to fear retal killing them anymore. Cleanses have not been nerfed and are still very abundant.
  7. Sounds like a you problem. I'm not dipping below 30, ever. If you do or if 30 is "unacceptable" to you, maybe that's a different topic.
  8. The game runs fine. Adjust your settings or use the easily found workarounds. A much bigger issue were the insane skill lag problems on some maps + wvw, which since have been completely removed it seems.
  9. In PoF we didn't have our own actual Elder Dragon. Things have changed, although we didn't directly get a line from Aurene saying it or something.Pretty sure we know at this point that Aurene can do it with her powers as a full dragon with Elder status, back then we were only working towards it without really knowing it would result in an instant transformation.
  10. I don't see a new map coming, I'm pretty sure we will get instances that will have a bunch of variations on already existing ones and new instances like during the Braham part of the latest release.
  11. Never seen a community so bent on destroying other people's wealth ingame.
  12. Did that last year too, from 0. Having a friend to do the grind with MASSIVELY increased my enjoyment! We know they are working on that, but they said last year to not expect it 2020 or next year, so 2022 we might finally see them :)
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