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  1. The way that is handled is actually super reasonable. The way everybody acts around them is weird, because in real life, this stuff is very weird because not a single person around you is even able to relate whatsoever to the feeling.
  2. Finally! Seems my endless nagging about the 300 second cd traits has finally paid off! 😉
  3. Talking about employee numbers like they are all devs.... This is why I avoid the forums for over a year now and only come back to read some patchnotes occasionally.
  4. So uh, did you forget you gave many traits in the game 300 second cooldown under the pretense that you will be looking at them soon? Just remove them already.
  5. It felt alright to me, but very unnatural. It's difficult to make somebody give a heck about a character you've just met, so I understand why it was done, but I'd much prefer getting a deeper understanding through flavor text over exposition dumps.
  6. So when will you sell the Bee Dog skin for the Jade bot and can I have five?
  7. I don't want to put words into your mouth, but I strongly believe there is something else at work here. I doubt most of those people were out to get you, I can't even imagine how certain things could even come up that lead to that.
  8. You realise you can customize them, right?
  9. We will see how it is going to look ingame, this is just some artwork showing off the style they were going for. I imagine it is like a re-imagined Rata Sum taken a notch up. Honestly, I could see Rata Sum looking like this if they made it today. Though my first impression did leave a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth, I can't really say this doesn't fit the game. It makes sense, given all we know about Cantha so far. Holograms are nothing new, the two things that scream futuristic to me are the holo-monitor and the green lamps/lights, which are very unusual for GW2 as we know it so far.
  10. It's really not that hard to have your friends or you make a guild together, or join them, or make an alliance. You not understanding how this kitten easy system works doesn't mean they hate roamers.
  11. Who cares dude. You make these FOR YOURSELF They have the value you give them . If they represent a fun journey and awesome visuals that fit your mains theme, that is something NOBODY can copy or take away from you.
  12. Or, consider this, people will whine no matter what because that is how it has always been since the dawn of time. Never enough damage, never good enough synergies, no utility, "this weapon is useless", judging before we have seen everything, judging by first impression only, judging by what other people said and not even trying it themselves... Those are all too common.
  13. The patch killed of leeches that did nothing for the gamemode in the first place. Good riddance. If that means temporarily numbers drop, don't care. God beware, they actually encourage you to participate in the game to be part of the reward structure.
  14. Warrior chains blocks, increased endurance regen for more dodges and the fact they are likely to survive one or two heavy hits if they do go through to be tanky. Try running traits and the sigil for hp regen, try different heal skills... it's pretty hard to die as a warrior, but you don't have class mechanics that just carry you through that for example.
  15. Tens of thousands of women would love to disagree with you there. It's honestly sexist of you to make such an assumption. As if women don't like looking at attractive women. Disproven about a million times. Reminds me of the discourse over some anime games "oh look at her body proportions some disgusting fat pig made this!" but the answer in 90% of the cases has been a woman made it with the reason she enjoyed it and the fans enjoyed it too.
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