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  1. Saying GW2 isn't new player friendly then going on about how much you love the game that only "gets good" like 30 hours in is.. funny.
  2. Or, and you could take the approach that actually makes sense and doesn't just blatantly disrespect the entirety of the last two years, you tune them according to feedback gathered so that the ones that feel awful to play due to an abundance of those issues to be fixed.
  3. The content is the replayability of the gameplay, which is killing players, taking objectives, sieging, skirmishing etc. The devs need to make sure this works. At the same time the rewards also play a role here, since they are the main reason many people start playing something, which then gets them hopefully hooked in the fundamentals. Pretty nice they plan on updating that, especially the reward tracks.
  4. It's not possible. Each armor type is heavily baked into the class, it cannot be switched.
  5. They said 2 years ago that it's definitely happening, just not "this or next year". We also saw new assets in the files, relating to world 3.
  6. They mostly use it to indicate that what the person said was off the mark, weird, untrue or simply.. confusing.
  7. And yesterday I read the question how much gold per hour we think the fishing will add... I was cry laughing, because that is such a sad view on anything, really.
  8. It looks a lot better than most people in chat thought. Personally, I love it. The fact they made them not disappear when you're not in/on them is what sold it for me. It's also fast enough to not replace the Skimmer AND the fact you're more easily able to jump in and out than it is to mount up has me very happy. I'm just going to enjoy doing it everywhere I go on the side.
  9. Looking and joining smaller groups is pretty good. On Alpine Borderlands at the south ruins you can interact with graves to spawn two ghosts, which will also award exp. Other than that you might want to join EBG and look for people. Taking the castle or keeps gives a ton of exp.
  10. Maybe classes shouldn't be putting out 30+ torment. Giving that rune an internal cooldown as you suggested would make it almost as awful as the Runes of the Dolyak, with a now nerfed 48 health per second.
  11. I love the look without all the different diffuse lights 😭
  12. I did it with Warrior, going for a heavy block build with a Shield and Spellbreaker, then I just wittled him down
  13. None of the strike missions are difficult at all. They are properly scaled and without challenges active any person spamming 1 can beat them in 20 minutes.
  14. Sword is a hybrid weapon, it's pretty good too. Off-Hand Sword should be pretty good as well actually, the 4 skill does insane damage afaik I've used Celestial a bit thanks to legendaries, it's cool to have such a high amount of stats. I want to run it a bit more now I think and see how it feels if I seriously play that. Right now I am mostly using Diviner's so I can no brain my 25 stacks of might without pressing buttons.
  15. They removed duo for a bit and decided it was far more beneficial to be able to queue and play ranked with a friend than not. Maybe pay attention next time.
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