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Lagaron guild recruiting [EU][PvE][PvP][WvWvW][RP]

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Greetings from Lagaron Guild. We are a friendly community for PvE, PvP and WvWvW gameplay for new and experienced adventurers of the game. We seek, study and teach everyone who is interested to know more about Tyria and it’s mysteries.

Our Guild emblem is represented by the Gryphon, who give us the freedom and strength to walk, run and fly on the continent, to seek new opportunities and knowledge, to share not only at the University, but also outside.

S.A.R.O. (in-game) stands for:
S - Scholars
A - Adventurers
R - Researchers
O - Observers

Discord server:

Start your academic journey in Tyria and be part of a magnificent newly created University hierarchy style adventure with us!

Currently we are recruiting new active members. Once we have enough people, we will take a Guild Hall.

Edit: We took a Guild Hall. Our members can now rest under the star sky in the desert and enjoy the romantic nights there.

Edit 2: We have scheduled each Sunday guild missions, starting at 20:00 CEST. The more people participate, the more missions we will able to do. Joining in our Discord channel during missions is highly advisable.