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Less Information API-key

I am writing from the perspective of a WvW player. The API-key is there used to verify whether an account is on a certain world or not. However, the basic API-key is providing far more information. E.g. it also contains my characters or a list of guildes I am in. I personally do not like when too much about me is spread. As an example, why shall the names of my characters be known? Needed is only one information: My home world.


  • Divirel.4953Divirel.4953 Member ✭✭

    That would be your choice.
    The people who have chosen to pick account, character, guilds and even progression, if they choose to look at wvw rank.
    A normal verify bot can only require an account, such as GW2bot.
    In the end of the day, some people are hungry for your API key - So my suggestion is: Make a fresh alt account. Hard to do anything with a fresh one.

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  • gloflop.3510gloflop.3510 Member ✭✭

    If I create an API-key, I have to check the box "account" and this box provides in my eyes already more information than needed. E.g. why does anyone need to know in which guild I am in? So, sadly, I do not have the choice. If I want to provide an API-key to show that the account is on a particular server, I have to show in which guilds I am in. Anet does not allow me to hide the latter information.

  • Yeah, My guild is looking to create a bot to manage the guild in Discord, for ranks and account & Character names. but the API just gives too much info in a lot of cases especially if newer players do not know how to set up their API.