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Looking for a small group (max 4) to play this game with. Maybe level a new char.


I started playing this game around the time it first came out and since then repeatedly quit the game only to come back later. I have played the game mostly solo. I have tried out some guilds but i am not really looking for large groups of people. There is so much to do in this game but eventually i always get bored. I want to get to know other players and have fun :).
I dont really care what classes other people use but i would like to practice combo's and stuff and gradually increase the difficulty. I like casually exploring the maps, doing quests, WVW, maybe dungeons or fractals if everybody wants that but above else just have fun. I would prefer to play with discord or any kind of voice chat.

About myself:
Male, 32, from the Netherlands. Besides Guildwars2 i really like shooters (like Apex) or puzzle games (Portal). I wouldnt mind playing other games aswell.

if you are interested, feel free message me ingame :).



  • Hoi,

    What server are you on? I am interested in a lot of the same things as you in Guild Wars 2 but to do WvW together you have to be on the same server. I am on Borlis Pass. And I think to be able to do most things together you have to be on servers in the same region. I am in the North American region. To help people out you may want to post here what region and/or server you are on.