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Pyromancer's Pursuance

Kuma.1503Kuma.1503 Member ✭✭✭
edited August 1, 2020 in PVP

Before I give my criticisms about this trait, I would like to give credit where credit is due.

I like the gameplay behind this trait. It changes the playstyle of weaver in a way that we haven't really seen before. You build up huge stacks of might before unleashing it in a large burst. It creates a sort of wax and wane playstyle where you build up to these huge moments of power, then you have your cooldown period, then you begin building up again towards that spike.

It creates an engaging gameplay loop, and I would like to see more grandmaster traits with playstyle altering effects like this.

Where does this trait fall short?

While the gameplay is solid, the numbers on this trait are undertuned. I understand why this was done. Weaver can proc this trait multiple times in quick succession. It at least deservses to hit a fair bit harder than flame uprising. You're sacrificing 300 power/condition damage to access this spike, it should feel like the payoff is worth the sacrifice.

240 radius on the blast damage is reasonable, and along with the delay, allows for counterplay; however, the might share radius should be increased substantially. It's difficult to make use out of this aspect in actual combat. You essentially have to hug whichever ally you'd like to buff in order to gain value out of it. I suggest increasing the might share radius to 600.

In conclusion, the trait design is very fun to play with, but the numbers on it are undertuned. Increase the spike damage at maximum might stacks so that players feel like the sacrifice they're making is worth it. Increase the might share radius to 600 so that this trait can reliably grant might to allies. `