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Older adult, mature guild - EU

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We are an established European based guild for older players who want a fun, casual social environment. We have two scheduled social activities each week (Guild Missions and a free form group event) that people can attend if they feel so inclined.

We also have a friendly, lighthearted atmosphere in the guild chat and use Discord for voice coms where many bad jokes are ventured. All new members are encouraged to participate in the guild chat and to get on Discord and join in the fun.

Our current guild events are on sundays at 20 gmt/21 gmt +1.

What we ask from potential members:
-Mature (20s and up)
-Be easy going and friendly

Additionally, PVE representation is appreciated but not required. It is our hope that the guild atmosphere will be such that you will want to represent. What we do ask is that, even if you don’t always represent the guild, that you remain socially active.

Use Discord and introduce yourself in the Join-us channel per instructions. Join that discord channel here:


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    How do I delete my post.

  • We’re capturing the PoF guild hall this monday. If you’re an older adult, join our guild by posting an introduction through our application.
    New guild hall event news:

  • We have some frightening news to share and are looking for some help in resolving it.
    There have been a spate of foul murders in our guild hall. Some sort of witch is clearly on the loose! We are seeking all experienced Witch Hunters to come help our beleaguered population in Windswept Haven! The tavern's assistant was already caught having black feathers _and _he owned a knife. Obviously, that was suspicious! He was beaten and tortured till he confessed, but the murders continue! Clearly, he wasn't working alone (because, no way would the good people falsely accuse an innocent person).
    More information here:

    We are still recruiting older adults. Come join us for our halloween event!

  • We are still recruiting.

  • Sounds like something for me, I am old

  • We’re in search of a few more well preserved individuals to come help us save Wintersday on 11 December.

  • Join us in a celebration of everyone's favourite Living Story character, Braham!

    Seeking mature, older people to have a laugh and be absurd with. If you like free-form alteration and unbridled puns, we're for you.

  • Older adults, we seek you to join us for our latest event, The Fast and the CooOooorious!

  • Hey, old people, your time to shine is nigh! The Tyrian Winter Olympics open on 19 february! Join us in this display of endurance, strength, and grace!

    It's time for the Tyrian Winter Olympics of 1330! Get your snow shoes ready and practice your figure skating moves, because you will need to move both quickly and gracefully to achieve Olympic greatness!
    Scheduled Events:

  • Hear ye! Hear ye! Ye Olden Tyme Folks are cordially invited to attend our latest Funday Monday event:
    Funday Monday presents:
    Name That Song!
    In all of her infinite evil, Lise has devised a musical game that will both astound and amaze! She will sing snippets from random, well known songs and we will endeavour to NAME THAT SONG! This quiz will be tuned specifically for us, so take note!

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    Mature as in mature content?

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    Oh no, it's that time of year again! Asura Mini Golf: Round 4 is on for 2 April. We are looking for more old people to join us in this nigh geriatric classic. Asuras welcome (to be the ball).

    Funday Monday presents:
    The Return of Asura Mini Golf
    Back by "popular" demand! Asura Mini Golf! You will amaze those around you with your golfing prowess, showing all those people who scoffed at you for all these years that you know your way around beating an asura senseless and then stuffing it in a hole. You are definitely not a pyscho!

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    Geriatric sing-a-long participants needed!
    Funday Monday presents:
    Name That Song!
    In an unexpected twist and a moment of pure evil inspiration, Lise has devised another musical game that will both astound and amaze! She will sing snippets from random, well known songs and we will endeavour to NAME THAT SONG! This quiz will be tuned specifically for us, so take note!


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    Old people, unite! Roll out your walkers and join us in shaking our walking sticks at the kids as we scream at them to get off our lawns!

    Also, you can join in on our latest event here:
    Funday Monday presents:
    The Great Pursuit

    Acts of brains and brawn collide in this great race to find the treasure! Will your team be first through the gate of fire? Will your falter on the path of darkness or will your bright ideas light the way to victory?

    A series of puzzles and action events await you. Only if you pass through all the gates will your team acquire the full picture to the treasure! And then, the game has only jut begun! What's buried in this secret location? Only you can find out!

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    Dear geriatric community, our next big social event is up on the calendar.

    Funday Monday presents:
    Asura Appreciation Night
    Asura: the brilliantly arrogant, often aggressively superior people who brought Tyria such things as the Inquest and Golemancy. _
    _Is it possible to appreciate them as much as they appreciate themselves? Come to the next Funday Monday group event and find out!


  • We are recruiting again.

  • We are still recruiting.
    Also we are trying to form a casual raid group so if you are interested feel free to join us. As I said is a casual, once a week (saturday) training raid. The most important requirement is to know how to avoid red circles.
    Cya in game.

  • Open for members :-)

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