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Reset Your Password Webpage Not Working


I have a friend that is trying to return to the game after a long time, but has forgotten his password. He is trying to use the password recovery page @ but it throws up a blank page after he enters his password. He has tried multiple web browsers including MS Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on multiple computers and mobile devices with the same blank white page.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help him out? Support tickets can take 2-4 weeks right now apparently.



  • Some pages require 'tracking' to be enabled.
    Your friend could try that.

    (The backlog that caused Support Tickets to be slower than usual has passed, some time ago.)

  • My brother is having this exact same issue, two weeks later. Kind of ridiculous that the page is still broken. I even attempted to reset for him on my pc and have the same issue. He is attempting to do a support ticket but this shouldnt be necessary for something as simple as a password reset...