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[EU][SOCIAL/PVE] Experience Zero [EZ] is recruiting!

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We are a fairly new social EU guild looking for active players that want to learn/improve at instanced end-game content like Strikes, Fractals and Raids.

If you have never done any of them but would like to try them out, you are more than welcome to join! We have plenty of experienced players who can help you on your way.

For players who are already familiar with end-game content we're hoping to provide a fun place for all of us to make the most out of our time with the game.

Since our goal is to help each other through the end-game, we'd prefer players who are already level 80. For Raids and Strikes the expansions are also required, but if you want to join us for some Fractals you're more than welcome to!

We offer weekly Raid trainings, Fractals, Strikes and Guild Missions.
To facilitate easier communication, both in-instance and out, we primarily use our Discord server. So if you want to join, send me a message (Kali#9999). ^^