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Just an Idea about new Classes

Feel free to use these Ideas für new Specializations:

Warrior -> Samurai:
In Addition to Adrenalin gets Combo-Points. Some Attacks and Utility Skills grant Combo Points, while pressing F1 makes the next weapon attack a Finisher and uses all the Combo Points. The Finisher becomes stronger, the more combo Points are used. SHOUT Effects are improved and grant Combo Points.
Samurai gets no new Weapons but has to choose between one of these as first Traits:
Greatsword Specialization: When using a greatsword: +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown Reduction
Longbow Specialization: When using a Longbow: +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown Reduction
Shortsword Specialiazation: When using a Shortsword: +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown Reduction

Guardian -> Blackguard:
The Blackguards Virtues are now used to Corrupt the enemy. They cause conditions like Torment, Poison and Confusion and remove Boons.
Spirit Weapons now become Vengeful Spirit Minions that attack the Enemy. The Blackguard can absorb them to regenerate life, increase the damage dealt and make his next attacks cause Conditions.
New Weapon: Mainhand-Torch

Revenant -> Living Legend:
The Living Legend does not get two Legends, but only one and he may chose Legendary Dragon or Legendary Renegade as well, in addition to the standard Legends. He can empower those Legends Utility skills by using F1 which increases Energie Consumption and the strength of the legends utility skills.
The living Legend does not Regenerate Energy, instead normal Attacks now grant energy instead of Consuming it.
New Weapon: Mainhand-Axe

Engineer -> Golemancer:
The Golemancer uses Parts of Golems to improve his own armor. Turrets now become Golem-Minions that follow the Golemancer and fight his enemies. The Golemancer can consume a turret to improve himself, his stats and and his attacks. For example consuming a flame turret will make attacks cause burning for some time. Living Golems will also use one of the Kits the engineer has equipped but is not actually using and use their kit skills randomly.
New Elite Skill: OoMegagolem: Destroy all your other Golems, fuse them into one large Golem that becomes stronmger, the more golems it absorbs and grant their Skills to the OoMegagolem. OoMegagolem also uses all Kits the Engineer has equipped at random.
New Weapon: Staff

Ranger -> Hunter:
The Hunter uses his tamed beasts to chase and fight the enemy while dealing damage from afar.
The Hunter can use two Pets at the same time, but they are weaker than a normal pet. F1 and F2 can be used to activate Pets special skills and they also count as petswap to trigger effects.
Command Skills are empowered and have special effects on the pets.
New Weapon: Rifle

Thief -> Ninja:
The Ninja uses KI in addition to his normal Energy. Gain one KI when consuming one Energy. When KI is full the next attack becomes a KI-Strike and does increased Damage.
The Ninja gets to chose between one of these traits as first Ninja Trait:
Deception Skills have lower Cooldown and their Effects are improved/gain new effects
Trick Skills have lower Cooldown and their Effects are improved/gain new effects
Poison Skills have lower Cooldown and their Effects are improved/gain new effects
New Weapon: Greatsword

Elementalist -> Equilibrist
The Equilibrist does not prefer one element but uses all elements to his advantage.
For each Elemental Attunement that is on cooldown, the Equilibrist gains a bonus to all his stats and to all damage dealt.
Cantrips Effects are improved and they gain bonuseffects depending on the attunements that are currently on cooldown.
New Weapon: Mainhand-Focus

Mesmer -> Simulacrum
The Simulacrum does not have clones, but instead when casting a clone summons a simulacrum that is a copy of himself and uses the same Skills as the Mesmer, with a slight delay.
Only one Simulacrum can be active at the same time. If there is no Simulacrum active the next clone creates a simulacrum. If there is an active Simulacrum the next Clone increases Energy and regenerates some life of the simulacrum.
The Mesmer/Simulacrum has an Energy Bar. Summoning a Clone increases energy while shattering reduces Energy. The more Energy, the more Damage the Simulacrum does.
Shatter Effects are used by the Mesmer and the Simulacrum and the shatter damage depends on the amount of energy.
New Weapon: Mainhand-Pistol

Necromancer -> Bloodmage
The Bloodmage uses his own Lifeforce to empower his Skills. He does not have a deathshroud, but can activate F1 to empower all of his Skills, but loses an amount of life everytime a skill is used, depending on the skill.
The Life lost is used to fill his bloodshroud energy. As soon as the bloodshroud Energy is at 100% the Bloodmage creates a blood explosion around him, causing damage to enemies and healing to allies and increasing all stats for some time.
The Bloodmages Wells are improved and they gain some new effects. They are now always centered on the Bloodmage and dont need targeting an area on the ground.
New Weapon: Offhand-Axe