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Map Closed During META Due To Few Player?

I was in Drizzlewood about to start the Frost Citadel event. We got like 10 people? More or less. I know it might not enough to succeed but me with my friends would like to have a try since we've once broken the North entrance in Tarir with two people. But there's a timer jumped out set in 1min to close the map and transfer us to another map. I've seen closing map with a volunteer buff many times. But actually close a map for the first time. I can understand if the server really need to do this. Just is there a better way to handle this player-map relation? Like a manually map choose or what. It's really a little upset leaving a map like this.
Is there anyone ran into this situation before?


  • Friday.7864Friday.7864 Member ✭✭✭

    Next time put up a LFG entry called: At frost citadel, not full
    People will join and the map won't try to close anymore. You simply need a certain number of players on a map for it to stay open.