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  1. It'll be the most useful in certain situations only. Just like the other mounts. It'd be silly to have a new mount completely replacing some of the old ones. Plus you never know what kind of events we'll get in expansion, myb the siege turtle will be required to complete some events. It does have the word siege in it after all.
  2. What does a designer have to do with fixing bugs? Ask them to hire more devs instead... I do agree there's a lot to be fixed and a lot of older stuff that could be improved about the game tho.
  3. Should have been a ball like pvp amulet for some consistency... Sucks to have Conflux floating on one side and nothing on the other :c A mini dragon or something in it would've been nice. Personally I'm really not a fan of this aura, doesn't go well with any of my characters... Now I'm considering the pvp amulet despite hating pvp, just to have some symmetry when having lege trinkets enabled...
  4. Yeah, this lack of communication hurts. Ppl don't need to know every detail but some basic info would be much appreciated in cases like these.
  5. They were probably testing how much excess materials they can flush down the mystic toilet with an event. I honestly doubt it will come back but it is a problem when new players can't get old achievements done.
  6. I agree. Starting an MMO and then complaining about the existence of group content legit made me laugh
  7. You're Balsa. What's the issue here? People can check that by hovering over your character name in chat. You can also rename your character to Balsa Blubblub if you want to make it even more obvious.
  8. Uhm, passwords are supposed to prevent what's happening to you. If you leave everything unlocked it's as if you're asking for stuff to get deleted in your case. I'd suggest locking the laptop each time you leave it unattended. If typing in passwords is a chore for you there are Windows Hello usb fingerprint scanners and cameras you can plug in for instant access to PC.
  9. It's true that female characters get to look like ***** while male characters as a heavy class (for example) can't get a normal pair of pants.... Their fashion is totally skewed.
  10. So why are we still having issues with people not knowing what CC is and how to CC if everything is so crystal clear? You put a "CC skill" in skill description and all you have to do is say "use CC skills to break blue bar". CC damage being listed is optional but would also be useful. You can keep your seizure inducing arrows and horns tyvm.
  11. The responsible thing would be to add some CC info or indicators to skills. It's a core mechanic after all.
  12. Why would I and a ton of other people be posting and complaining about this if we didn't consider this a problem?! It's not a problem for you so it can't be a problem for others either? Are you that self centered? Idk if it's a lack of common sense or empathy or if you're just trolling me badly 😂 I can't anymore with you ahahhah Bye for now
  13. Why would I just put up with it and deal with it? Is this how you solve problems in real life? You tell people to deal with it? It's annoying as hell and affects enough ppl to warrant an investigation on their end!
  14. Ikr, I'm planning a meal for the next planned update! Wasn't lucky enough to be hungry this time around
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