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  1. Why would it be deliberate in just one guild hall? You have no idea how low things on their priority list can be. If you can interact normally with the NPC it's definitely at the bottom of their bucket list. Especially with the upcoming Steam release, 10th anniversary etc
  2. Besides the actual daily login system, there's 325 dailies in GW2. Three hundred twenty five dailies. 325 reasons to log in, 325 reasons to play daily! How many more do you need?? And you're still hell bent on preventing a slight adjustment to ONE gem store item people paid for so it starts being more inclusive towards weekend players and the like? On top of that the contract rewards are realistically kinda trash, who the kitten would log in every day just for that? Plus you're acting as if the only thing that matters is to get people to log in. You need to give them reasons to play! Contracts provide 0 gameplay, it's a material delivery, it doesn't give you a reason to stick around. It provides no magical "connection" to the game. For heavens sake, you're acting like those paid gem store contracts are the sole reason people still play the game. The narrative is so skewed it's giving me a headache...
  3. So you're concerned but you can't tell me what exactly you're concerned about?
  4. So why haven't I heard a single valid reason why this shouldn't be implemented? How does it hurt you to hate this idea so much? What's so horrible about letting a week worth of low value materials pile up in the mail for people who can't play for a few days? All I heard about were: - the standard "no need to change this" & "don't buy it then" - some unrelated comparisons - people derailing the thread by talking about daily logins which is a separate system and wasn't even mentioned by opener
  5. The only paradoxical thing here is people opposing a positive change. Not talking about myself. My contracts paid themselves off long ago. I really don't give a kitten if this happens or not. I'm in favor of this change tho. Why? Because I'm not selfish and have empathy for people who lead more stressfull/busy lives than I do. It'd be great, imo, for such people, who invested into the game, to be greeted with some materials when they finally do find the time to play again. I'm not saying the deliveries should pile up for years, there should be a limit just enough so players get a "hey, welcome back" kinda message.
  6. Congrats on leading a stress free sheltered life where you have access to your computer each day? You really haven't experienced much hardship if you can afford to worry about purposedly booting your PC every day just to log into an MMO. That's the whole point... More people would have a reason to buy it... Something that would work out well for Anet and players who can't log in regularly. How is that so hard to comprehend even though you're talking about it all the time? You still wouldn't be forced to buy it so I don't understand why you're complaining.
  7. More like a source of depression if you spent actual money to buy keys.
  8. Congrats on having a stress free life where one of your main worries is logging into an MMO?
  9. Sweetie, not everyone is as free as you to be able to log in daily. And it is not irrelevant if items have different functions to this degree. Don't really feel like reading the rest of what you wrote, seems kinda... irrelevant. Have a nice day.
  10. A bundle of 25 black lion keys was legit the worst purchase I ever made in GW2. Haven't bought any since 🙂 They need a pity system or something so people don't end up feeling completely cheated.
  11. There's login rewards and dailies already to promote daily logins. Plus a couple hundred other things on daily reset. Also, a log in doesn't equal revenue in the form of spending gems. What would equal more revenue is more people having a reason to buy the contracts. As in "even if I can't play for a few days, I'll get something out of it, so might as well spend money on these contracts". Contracts which cost like 5k gems in total to acquire btw. AGAIN: Contracts are for instance owners ONLY. You cannot let others use them, ever! If someone has alt accounts they can farm the garden dozens of times per day. You can (ab)use the heck out of it, not the contracts tho. These items are completely different in nature. Please stop comparing apples and oranges and saying they're the same thing. EDIT: Forgot to mention the obvious but the whole point of a contract is to have others gather materials for you and to get those delivered to you. I don't see garden plots being advertised as such...
  12. Could you stop calling a paid service login rewards? Login rewards are a separate system. You pay thousands of gems to get those Black Lion Contracts deliveries going.
  13. God forbid making any kind of improvement. Sacrilege. The players would riot if an existing item became better 🙂
  14. Sry, I stopped reading when you started making real life garden comparisons... I'll just stick to the actual game topic and elaborate why i'm in favor: 1) Contracts are usable only by home instance owners - huge difference, you cannot share it with others, no one else will ever have any benefit from it (unlike with your other nodes) 2) The prices of all materials in the game is falling - you keep getting less out of your contracts while their prices stay the same 3)The contract itself is a convenience item - with falling material prices I see nothing wrong with adding some value 4) People who can't afford to play regularly have absolutely no reason to buy them
  15. Except we're not talking about daily login rewards. We're talking about paid Black Lion Contracts - you pay like 1200 gems to get daily material deliveries. Those same contracts that take years to pay off even if you do log in every single day.
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