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Infinite Gathering Tools - Quick Change

FabianoNCD.2408FabianoNCD.2408 Member ✭✭
edited October 1, 2020 in Players Helping Players

Hello everyone!

I have a trick for you that has infinite collection tools and uses three shared inventory slots to pass the tools on to other characters.
I know that many of you have an Infinite Collection Tool pack for each character, but many are still starting to buy now and need to be passed on to all characters, so here's the trick to making it a lot faster!

It's a very simple thing, maybe many of you already know, but many maybe not, I don't know anyone who already knew that.

It's simple!
First place your infinite collection tools in the three shared inventory slots, and then buy common tools on some npc for all your characters.

Once all of your characters are equipped with simple npc tools, you only need to double-click on the Infinite Collection Tools that are in the shared inventory slot and they will replace the common tools purchased on npc.
After using it, just double-click on common tools and the Infinite Collection Tools are returned to the Shared Inventory Slot.

This way, you will have a much faster exchange without having to open the character panel!

I hope this helps many of you