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Stuck in "Be My Guest" in Long Live the Lich (LW4)

I'm at the last door before meeting Joko and the door remains closed after I turned the symbol. What am I missing?


  • Is this the mission that gives you a skill to see through Joko's illusions? Did you try using it on the symbol?

  • synk.6907synk.6907 Member ✭✭

    I've had playthroughs of that mission on a couple of characters where I had to, like, solve the puzzle twice. They all looked lined up correctly, but nothing happened. So I moved each of them and then re-did it and got the door to open and all that. Maybe you got into a similar state, where what you see and what the game thinks are the positions of the symbols don't agree (assuming that's what happened).

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  • I'm thinking that's the case. Even though I thought I had turned the symbols correctly, I must have missed at least one because Braham isn't with me. As much as I hate to (I'm VERY bad at jumping), I have to start over.