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Launcher maybe redownloading portions of the game?

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I am running Windows 10.

A few weeks ago, for some reason my GW2 desktop icon became a blank piece of paper rather than the GW2 logo. A few days ago I finally got around to trying to fix it. I deleted the icon and went to the folder with GW2 and hit create desktop shortcut on the .exe file. When I went to start GW2 it decided it needed to redownload the whole game. Ok, that's stupid but whatever. Redownload the whole game I guess. Play for hours, 0 problems. The issue is, today I log in and it says it needs to redownload the whole game AGAIN. No idea what to do or why this is happening.


  • Did you check your GW2 folder to see if the .dat file is there?
    Check your temp folders to see if it's downloaded there?

  • I did; it was there. I figured it out: Deleting the icon from my desktop somehow deleted the executable file too so when I put a new icon on my desktop it started the launcher which then thought it needed to redownload the game since the .exe file was missing. Thank you for your help.